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One of the greatest pleasures open to intelligent life is the ability to communicate and to share experiences and knowledge.

Since the Cruise ships have been visiting our port, the variety of people and diversity of nationalities travelling with us, has been highly rewarding.

Visitors from various parts of the world East and West; and from those meetings, one of the most significant observations is that of how much everyone has in common rather than how different everyone is. For me it is always a pleasure to listen to and enjoy the myriad of experiences of persons from places I will probably never get the chance to visit.

A little known township, or remote place in the U.S.A. From a country of South America, someplace in Europe , or one or more of all of our Commonwealth associates out of Canada, the Caribbean Islands, Australia & New Zealand and as Far East as China. I have had the pleasure of listening to and sharing thoughts with an author and lawyer from Kansas;- studying the Bronze age people; a retired gentleman and his wife with interests in Egyptology, the Round Chapel and Knights Templar. Discussed cricket with a resident of Australia, football with visitors from Italy and Africa.

Chauffeured a visitor from the far north - Archangel near to the White Sea, and from Vladivostock, - the list is very long.

We welcome all Cruise Ships visitors to White Cliffs country in Dover and offer a unique and personal tour service, tailored to fit the disembarkation time schedules of the visitor. From our fleet of Executive Chauffeur Cars, and quality private hire vehicles, we offer an informed driver and a car - two hours, to drive you to the most interesting sites.

In effect the driver will, converse, point out, suggest; but foremost of all will be there for you.The time would enable you to see Canterbury Cathedral,or the South East England coastal area, a drive around which includes views of the White Cliffs in all their glory; views of Dover and Walmer Castle and much else besides.This is a particularly useful mode of sightseeing for the visitor who would wish to taste the real flavour of the surrounding area, during a finite time span on possibly a one and only visit to our shores.

If you have any questions regarding cruise ship transfers, or you would like to book a taxi to/from Dover cruise ship terminal please contact us on 01304 823 030 or use our online application form.

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