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Rates for year 2014 - 2015
Prices shown in £Sterling, are for one way trips either from, or to Dover.
Heathrow/Stansted Airport £145.00 £217.50 £217.50 £280.00 £280.00
Gatwick Airport £110.00 £165.00 £165.00 £220.00 £220.00
Central London £155.00 £232.50 £232.50 £300.00 £300.00
Max persons + luggage to a vehicle. 3 persons 6 persons 8 persons 13 persons 16 persons
1. Rates are per vehicle and include all United Kingdom tax
2. Gratuities are at your discretion
3. Prices required for any journeys other than shown, please email us for a quotation at: phull4321@aol.com
LUGGAGE LIMITS -per each vehicle. These are common sense gauges based on experience and a reasonable assessment of a safe maximum loaded vehicle. As it is to be understood that the bulk of the cases in relation to the space available in any one vehicle determines quantities that can be accepted in addition to the passengers.However the following maximum case/valise measurements in centimetres, before expansion,are those that we will use to finally settle any dispute relating to loads requested to be carried.Central Taxis' decision in this matter will be the final indisputable decision.
LUGGAGE MAXIMUM SIZES ( in Centimetres).
SMALL case - Width: 40 cms - Height: 60 cms - Depth: 20 cms
MEDIUM case - Width: 50 cms - Height: 75 cms - Depth: 25 cms
LARGE case - Width: 60 cms - Height: 90 cms - Depth: 30 cms
Note** Maximum luggage capacity as a rule will reduced by 40% for large cases and increase by 40% for small cases.
4 SEATER 4 or 5 Medium sized suitcases
8 SEATER 10 Medium sized suitcases
8 SEATER + 16 Medium sized suitcases
16 SEATER 12 Medium sized suitcases or 12 persons & 16 Medium sized suitcases
16 SEATER + 20 Medium sized suitcases
All vehicles are Non - Smoking & consumption of alcoholic beverages on board is not permitted by U.K law

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